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Answers To Some Anticipated Questions

We would be happy to meet with you and answer all your questions in person. Even so, below are the answers to some common questions you may have.

This answer is intended to be honest and not evasive. Eddie Studios designs websites that work and we do this by taking the time to learn about your business and it's needs. Then we can design a site that will make your business shine. We realize that some advertise low canned rates without even knowing who you are or anything about your business. But we feel that when you are investing in something as important as a website that will impact your business revenue you deserve a designer who cares more about your success than gaining your business by providing a cheap sight-unseen quote. Bottom line; our rates are very affordable, which we will go over and provide a quote when we meet. We simply want to understand your business and it's needs before we quote prices that would otherwise be shallow. Our rates won't scare you, we promise!'
Part of the answer depends on the extent of your website; how large a site it will be and what is involved. However in most cases we are able to complete work in a very timely manor. Generally speaking, the biggest delay in completing most websites is the time we spend waiting for our clients to provide things we need such as photo's or content. Another factor of course is how busy we are at any given time. But if we are not overly busy and our client is able to provide us with needed content in a timely manor we can usually complete a website in anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.
Once the design process begins there will be certain things we need to include in your website such as photographs and page content. For example, on an About Us page we would need you to provide the text content you would like to appear on that page perhaps about you, your business, your history, etc. Since our clients are ofter quite busy running their business we are often asked for help with preparing site content and photos. If you would rather not handle these things yourself we can provide the service of writing page content and taking photos for an additional fee. It is entirely up to you.
Once we have completed the preliminary design of your new website we will place the site in an "under development" location on the web where only you may view it. You will be provided with instructions on where and how to access it for your review. You will then have the opportunity to take a close look at your new site and request any changes or tweaks that you would like. It is not uncommon to desire some tweaks on a new website, and that is to be expected. When you are totally happy with your new website it will be moved to a live location.
Before being moved to a live location Eddie Studios will complete the optimization of your website to be search engine friendly. That is called search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization is a specialty of Eddie Studios, and actually something we have been doing longer than we have been designing websites. Good search engine optimization is extremely important. However what you must understand is that one of the biggest kept secrets, especially with Google, are the "exact" details that search engines look for when deciding how favorably to list your website. Additionally, their criteria is constantly changing. However we can say that we have learned a few things about SEO over the last 18 years. We have had a great deal of success getting our clients good search engine listings for the most relivant search terms specific to their unique businesses. Effective search engine optimization and web promotion is included in the cost of site design and something we take very seriously.
Yes. Our goal is to help you and your business, not to take advantage. We are a small business ourselves and have dozens of clients who are small business owners. We completely understand what it means when you need to spend carefully. We have all been there. If that describes your business we would really prefer that you begin modestly and not over extend for your own sake. So our suggestion would be to start with a small basic website that will still be attractive, enticing, and professionally designed to bring you in business. Later when the time is right you can always add additional pages and information to your existing website. All Eddie Studios websites are designed to be flexable and allow for future additions if desired. Doing it this way will fit your budget and help your business. Also we do accept credit cards so that you can make small payments to your credit card provider while your website is working for you.